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Otto Hanzlicek – One of the Few

Otto HANZLÍČEK – Jeden z hrstky ………………..* 18.06.1911. Ústí nad Labem ………………..† 10.10.1940. Ellesmere Point, UK Pre WW2: Před druhou světovou válkou: Otto Hanzlíček was born on 18 June 1911 at Ústí nad Labem, in the north-eastern region of Czechoslovakia, … Continue reading

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Jaroslav Hlavac – One of the Few

Jaroslav HLAVÁČ – Jeden z hrstky ………………..* 11.10.1914. Petřvald. ………………..† 10.10.1940. Wareham, UK Pre WW2: Jaroslav Hlaváč was born 11 October 1914 at Petřvald, a village, about 10 km east of Ostrava, in the Moravia region of Czechoslovakia. He attended … Continue reading

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Vladimir Horsky – One of the Few

Vladimír HORSKÝ – Jeden z hrstky ………………..* 11.02.1914. Břuchotín, Olomouc ………………..† 26.09.1940. Isle of Wight, UK Pre WW2 Před 2. svět. válkou Vladimír Horský was born 11 February 1914 at Břuchotín, a village north of Olomouc, in the Moravia region … Continue reading

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Frantisek Marek – One of The Few

František MAREK – Jeden z hrstky ………………..* 30.01.1913. Nové Hodějovice ………………..† 14.09.1940. Horndon-on-the-Hill, UK Pre WW2 Před druhou světovou válkou František Marek was born 30 January 1913 at Nové Hodějovice, near České Budějovice on the south-western region of Czechoslovakia. On … Continue reading

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Josef Frantisek – Top-scoring Battle of Britain Pilot

Peter Sharpe and Chris John examine the brief but fiery career of the top-scoring Battle of Britain pilot. AMONG HIS CZECH countrymen, known for their sober and mannerly temperament, Josef František was the exception who proved the rule. He should … Continue reading

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Josef Stehlik – 100th Anniversary

On Saturday, March 28 2015 at 10:00 am the Municipal of Slavičín, the Slavičín Library and the Historical Club of Slavičín invite you to the unveiling of a memorial plaque to Col. Josef Stehlik to commemorate the 100th anniversary of … Continue reading

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A short history of the Czechoslovak Air Force in WW2 and the Post-War Period

by Marcel Ludikar In 1938 the Czechoslovak Army Air Force was one of the most modern Air Forces of Europe, determined to fight in the threatened conflict for the freedom and integrity of its country. However, the morale of its … Continue reading

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Moliens remembers Josef Bendl

Josef Bendl est l’un des premiers pilotes tchécoslovaques tués au combat en France en 1940. Lors de la commémoration du 11 novembre 2013, les élèves des classes de CE1 et CE2/CM1 de l’école élémentaire de Moliens ont présenté un travail … Continue reading

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Karel Stastny – to the RAF

The story of W/O Karel Šťastný’s escape from his homeland in 1939 and his road to England, via Poland and France to England where joined the RAF and served as a pilot with 311 Sqn, by M. Vincent: Příběh W/A … Continue reading

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La Bataille de France Volume XV: Les Tcheques

. An interesting French publication giving a detailed French perspective about the Czechoslovak airmen who served in l’Arme d’Air in France and fought in the fierce, but brief, Battle of France until the French capitulation in June 1940. The publication … Continue reading

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