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Flight to Erding

_______________________________________________________________ 24 March 1950 The world’s first triple aircraft hijack More information here _______________________________________________________________ 24. března 1950 První třojitý únos letadla na světě Více informací zde _______________________________________________________________

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Zbysek NECAS

Zbyšek NEČAS * 06/03/21, Lazy, Karviná, Czechoslovakia. † 15/03/18, UK. _______________________________________________________________ With sadness we must advise that P/O Zbyšek NEČAS 788665 (191259) 68 Sqn navigator died 15 March 2018, _______________________________________________________________ 15. 3. 2018. v UK. zemřel P/O Zbyšek NEČAS 788665 … Continue reading

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Czech Radio visits the Kent Battle of Britain Museum.

Ian Willoughby reporter with Czech Radio, Prague, visits the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, to learn more about the 88 Czechoslovak pilots who fought in that battle. The interview with David Brocklehurst, the museum Chairman and curator is here. More … Continue reading

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Josef Dygryn – 100th anniversary Remembrance

On 10 March 2018, a ceremony was held at the Sv. Jiří church, Lhotice in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Sgt Josef DYGRÝN DFM, 1 Sqn pilot. The day’s event concluded at the Josef DYGRÝN memorial plaque at the … Continue reading

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15.3.1939. – A fateful day for Czechoslovakia

The 15 March 1939 was to be an ominous day in Czechoslovak history. In Berlin, during the early hours of that morning, Dr Emil Hácha, the Czechoslovak President, had been pressurised by Adolf Hitler into ceding the Bohemia and Moravia … Continue reading

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Emil Bocek – Strach jsem si nepripoustel

Emil Boček. Strach jsem si nepřipouštěl od Jiří Plachý Životní příběh Emila Bočka je vpravdě fascinující. Narodil se roku 1923 v Brně, odkud odešel tajně na konci roku 1939, balkánskou cestou se dostal do Bejrútu. Jako vojín pěšího pluku se … Continue reading

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Eduard Prchal Exhibition – 7. 3. – 13. 5. 2018.

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Josef Dygryn – 10.3.2018. – Lhotice

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My Exile 1939-1945 – Tomas Lowenstein

Tomáš Löwenstein was born into a Jewish family in Prague, Czechoslovakia on 01/08/24, during WW2 he served in 311 Sqn as a Wireless Operator and later with 111 OTU in the Bahamas. Some of his recollections of those times are … Continue reading

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RAF Rehabilitation Ceremony – September 1991

About the significant RAF Rehabilitation Ceremony which was held in Prague on 13 September 1991. Wherein the Czechoslovak men and women, who had served in RAF during WW2, were morally and politically rehabilitated by Czechoslovakia after 43 years of Communist … Continue reading

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