Author Archives: fcafa – shameful behaviour – ostudné chování The 24 March 1950 is a notable day in Czechoslovak post-WW2 history, as this was the day 3 ČSA DC3’s were hijacked by 7 former Czechoslovak RAF airmen, who crewed these aircraft, for what was supposed … Continue reading

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Erding Escape 70th Anniversary – 24 March 2020

Since the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia in February 1948, the Czechoslovaks who had fought for the Allies in the West during WW2 had become subjected to persecution by this new regime. Arrest, imprisonment and personal degradation was to follow for … Continue reading

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Na Perutich RAF

Na Perutích RAF plk. In Memorium Antonín Velebnovský od Petr Majer Kniha bystřického kronikáře Petra Majera „Na perutích RAF“ pojednávající o životě československého vojenského pilota plk. in memoriam Antonína Velebnovského, který zahynul v Bitvě o Británii v roce 1941. The … Continue reading

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Theresie SCHNEIDEROVÁ * 17.06.1923., Rybáře, Czechoslovakia. † 05.03.2020. London, UK. _______________________________________________________________ With sadness we must advise that Cpl Theresie SCHNEIDEROVÁ 2051357 Clerk/Ground Duties died 05 March 2020. _______________________________________________________________ 05.03.2020. v Londýně, zemřela Cpl Theresie SCHNEIDEROVÁ 2051357 Uředník/Pozemní personál. _______________________________________________________________ Rest … Continue reading

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Honour to the Czech Cloverleaf

Tribute to the Czech cloverleaf. Pocta Českému čtyřlístku. On 4 September 1939, the Czechoslovak Aviation unit, was formed at Puławy Gora airfield, Poland and commanded by Captain Bohumil Liška. The unit had 60 Czechoslovaks consisting of pilots, maintenance, and technical … Continue reading

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Visiting Brookwood

The post-WW2 Czechoslovak cemetery at Brookwood today.

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Dr Jiri Rajlich interview about the Czechoslovak RAF during WW2

A Czech language interview, by Jiří Hošek, with Dr Jiří Rajlich, Director of the Vojenský Ústřední Archiv (VUA), about the role of the Czechoslovak men and women who served in the RAF during WW2 here.

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Never Forgotten – Part 5 West Midlands and Liverpool

6 February 2020 From the notes of Ambassador Libor Sečka: Zápisky velvyslance Libora Sečky: That was a record! In the fifth stage of our quest to discover the graves and especially the stories of Czechoslovak soldiers in Great Britain, my … Continue reading

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Josef Koukal – 23.02.2020. Luze

A biography on Josef Koukal here. Životopis o Josefovi Koukalovi zde.

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Karel Mrazek’s 46 Sqn photos

W/Cdr Karel Mrázek was an avid photographer during his RAF Service during WW2. A selection of his portfolio when he served with 46 Sqn, 19.9.40 to 16.5.41, are here:

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