Category Archives: Into exile – shameful behaviour – ostudné chování The 24 March 1950 is a notable day in Czechoslovak post-WW2 history, as this was the day 3 ČSA DC3’s were hijacked by 7 former Czechoslovak RAF airmen, who crewed these aircraft, for what was supposed … Continue reading

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Erding Escape 70th Anniversary – 24 March 2020

Since the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia in February 1948, the Czechoslovaks who had fought for the Allies in the West during WW2 had become subjected to persecution by this new regime. Arrest, imprisonment and personal degradation was to follow for … Continue reading

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Doomed Czechoslovakia

A documentary giving an insight into the lead up to the Munich Agreement of 30 September 1938 and the subsequent German occupation of Czechoslovakia on 15 March 1939.

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Adolf Jurman

Adolf Jurman * 14.6.1919, Olešnička, Czechoslovakia † 27.3.1975, Northampton, UK Adolf Jurman was one of more than 2500 Czechoslovaks who escaped from their homeland, between 1939 and 1945, and joined the RAF on their arrival to the UK. His life … Continue reading

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Jiri Mikulecky – Memorial Plaque unveiled

On 9 June 2018, a memorial plaque was unveiled at Sloupnice for F/Lt Jiří Mikulecký 312 Sqn pilot who was born in the village. The plaque was unveiled by Mr Josef Škeřík, Mayor of the village and Mrs Jan Stott, … Continue reading

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Flight to Erding

_______________________________________________________________ 24 March 1950 The world’s first triple aircraft hijack More information here _______________________________________________________________ 24. března 1950 První třojitý únos letadla na světě Více informací zde _______________________________________________________________

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15.3.1939. – A fateful day for Czechoslovakia

The 15 March 1939 was to be an ominous day in Czechoslovak history. In Berlin, during the early hours of that morning, Dr Emil Hácha, the Czechoslovak President, had been pressurised by Adolf Hitler into ceding the Bohemia and Moravia … Continue reading

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Ladislav Svetlik – Plzen 25.3.2017

V rozhovoru Českého rozhlasu Plzeň pozval Daniel Švec posluchače na vzpomínkový akt na Ladislava Světlíka Více informací o Ladislav Světlík zde a zde

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Jiri Hartman – The road to my 2nd Exile

S/Ldr Jiří Hartman DFC was a pre-WW2 member of the Czechoslovak Air Force, after the German occupation in March 1939 he escaped to Poland and then onto France where he served in l’Armee d’Air. When France capitulated in June 1940 … Continue reading

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Viktor Popelka

The story of Viktor Popelka DFC follows conventional paths with some unconventional detours, such that his life history is unusual, if not unique. His life was abruptly changed as a young man of 22 working towards a career, to be … Continue reading

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