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Jiri Hartman – My First Escape

The recollections of S/Ldr Jiří Hartman DFC of his escape from German occupied Czechoslovakia to Poland on 15 June 1939. ______________________________________________________________ As the Nazis became more and more oppressive; arresting and torturing any suspected of anti-German views, the initial reluctant … Continue reading

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Recollections of Jiri Manak

The unedited recollections of S/Ldr Jiří Maňák about his escape from Czechoslovakia in 1939 to Poland, his journey to France, joining l’Arme d’Air, evacuation from France, joining the RAF, being shot down over Holland and his time as a Prisoner … Continue reading

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Jiri Hartman – My D-Day

S/Ldr Jiří Hartman DFC was, at that time a F/Lt with 310 Sqn, and was ‘A’ Flight Commander (Red 1) at the time of D-Day – the Allied invasion of Europe on 6 June 1944. At that time all three … Continue reading

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Tomas Lom interview

An interview with Tomáš Lom, 311 Sqn radio operator, by Ian Willoughby, of Radio Praha.

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Jiri Hartman – The road to my 2nd Exile

Moje cesta ke druhému exilu. S/Ldr Jiří Hartman DFC was a pre-WW2 member of the Czechoslovak Air Force, after the German occupation in March 1939 he escaped to Poland and then onto France where he served in l’Armee d’Air. When … Continue reading

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Meeting again after many years – Josef Scerba

Setkání po létech Meeting again after many years. Jako bývalí příslušníci 311. československé bombardovací squadrony RAF, členové osádky Wellingtonu kódového označení KX-B, kterří přežili havárii v Sererním moři poté, co byl náš letoun dne 28. 12. 1941 zasažen nad Wilhelmshafenem, … Continue reading

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Leo Anderle broadcast

The translated script of a radio broadcast made on the BBC by Pilot Sergeant Leo Anderle to his homeland c. 1941: Up to this present time I am already on operations eight times against the enemy, and now I am … Continue reading

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Ladislav Zadrobilek – Debden Burning aircraft

W/O Ladislav Zadrobílek recalls his fatefull flight on 14 March 1942 with 111 Sqn, when his Spitfire Mk Vb R7192, JU-Y crashed into Spitfire BL429 JU-E flown by his squadron C/O S/Ldr Brotchie : It was a lovely spring day. … Continue reading

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2nd Exile – Miroslav Liskutin

An extract from S/Ldr Miroslav Liškutín DFC, AFC’s autobiography ‘Stormy Skies – Reminiscences of an Aviator’ recalling his experiences following the Communist putsch in Czechoslovakia in February 1948. During the late Autumn of 1947 I became somehow alarmed with the … Continue reading

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Josef Balejka – My Early Days

An extract from ‘A Flier of Broomsticks no Longer – the autobiography of Josef Balejka’ where he recalls his training to be a pilot, becoming a pilot in the Czechoslovak Air Force and fighting with the Polish Air Force, in … Continue reading

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