Name Rank Unit Unit Role
HAAS Julius LAC 311 Clerk, General Duties
HAAS † Petr Sgt 5 AOS Navigator trainee
HADRÁVEK † Jan P/O 111 OTU Pilot
HAERING, DFM Rudolf F/O 311 Pilot
HAHN František AC2 310 Wireless Mechanic trainee
HAHN Henry Heinz Lothar W/O 311 Wireless Operator
HAHN Karel Petr Sgt 311 Flight Engineer
HAHN Robert LAC 311 Fitter II E
HAIDA [Beníčová] Anděla ACW2 1651 CU M.T. Driver
HÁJEK † Bohumil F/Sgt 138 Flight Engineer
HÁJEK Jan AC2 Depot Ground staff, Wireless Operator trainee
HÁJEK Jaroslav Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HÁJEK Jaroslav F/Lt 311 Pilot
HÁJEK, MM † Karel František Sgt 51 OTU Navigator
HÁJEK Václav S/Ldr 313 Pilot
HÁK Rudolf LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
HALA † Jaroslav P/O 311 Pilot
HALADA † Josef F/Sgt 311 WirelessOperator/Air Gunner
HALAMA † Stanislav F/Sgt 310 Pilot
HALAMÁŠEK † Evžen Sgt 313 Pilot
HALÁMKA Otakar AC2 Depot Ground staff
HALATA Vladislav F/Sgt 311 Fitter – Flight Engineer
HAMBÁLEK František F/Sgt 311 Flight Engineer
HÁNA Klement LAC 312 Instrument Mechanic
HANČ Jan Josef AC2 Depot Pilot trainee
HANČIL Karel P/O 311 Navigator, General Duties
HANDL Josef LAC 312 Armourers Assistant
HAŇKA † Václav F/Lt 311 Navigator
HANUS Jan AC2 Depot Ground staff
HANUŠ Čestmír W/O 311 Pilot
HANUŠ, DFC Josef Jan W/Cdr 310 Pilot
HANUŠ, DFC Zdeněk F/Lt 311 Navigator
HANZL Rudolf LAC 310 Flight Mechanic E
HANZL † Vladimír Sgt 311 Pilot
HANZLÍČEK Otto Sgt 312 Pilot
HAPALA † Richard P/O 311 Navigator
HARSA Václav Cpl 311 Flight Mechanic
HÄRTEL František W/O 311 Equipment. Officer
HARTMAN Jaroslav Cpl 310 Electrician II
HARTMAN, DFC Jiří S/Ldr 310 Pilot
HAŠLAR Josef Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HASSOVÁ Gizel Eva Sgt WAAF Clerk /GD
HAVAŠ Pavel F/O 311 Interpreter
HAVLÍČEK Miloslav W/O 313 Pilot
HAVLÍČEK Stanislav Sgt 310 Fitter/Armourer
HAVLÍČEK † Vladimír Viktor F/O 240 Navigator
HAVLÍK Arnošt F/Lt 311 Stores Officer
HAVLÍK Jaroslav Sgt 311 Pilot
HAVLÍK Karel LAC 312 Fitter II E
HAVLÍK Karel AC2 Depot Ground staff
HAVLÍK † Oldřich Sgt 311 Pilot
HAVRÁNEK † František F/Lt 311 Navigator
HAVRÁNEK František F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HAYEK † Arnošt F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HECHT Jiří LAC 311 Fitter II A
HECHT † Walter LAC 311 Instrument Mechanic
HECL † František F/Sgt 311 Flight Engineer
HEIN [Haina] Jan Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HEINDL František LAC 311 Ground staff
HEJNA † Jan Sgt 311 Air Gunner
HEJZLAR Josef Sgt 310 Electrician I
HEKL † František F/O 312 Pilot
HEKRLE Josef Sgt 311 Fitter II E
HELLER † Felix Arnošt Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HELLER Otto AC2 HQ London Photographer
HELMA † Oldřich Sgt 311 Pilot
HENZL Jindřich AC2 Depot Ground staff
HERČÍK Miloš Cpl 312 Electrician I
HERČÍK Vladimír Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HERMANN Hanuš Herbert F/Lt Military Hospital Oxford Medical Officer
HEŘMAN Karel F/Sgt 311 Flight Engineer
HERMANN [Heřman] Isidor [Ivan] LAC 311 Assistant Compass Adjuster
HERMANOVÁ [Sedláková] Edith LACW WAAF Wireless operator
HERSCHMANN Arnold LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
HESS, DFC Alexander G/Cpt 310 Pilot
HÉŽA Bohuslav F/O 311 Pilot
HIMR, DFC † Jaroslav S/Ldr 313 Pilot
HINDSLEY Francis William Sgt Depot Pilot
HINZE Robert LAC 310 Fitter II E
HIRSCHFELD Arnošt LAC 311 Flight Mechanic
HIRTENSTEIN Arnošt F/Lt E.M.S. Hospital Medical Officer
HLADÍK František LAC 310 Maintenance Assistant
HLADKI Ondrej Cpl 310 Maintenance Assistant
HLADKÝ Jan AC2 310 Ground staff
HLAĎO, OBE, DSO, DFC Jaroslav W/Cdr 312 Pilot
HLAVA Vratislav AC2 Depot Navigator trainee
HLAVÁČ Jaroslav Sgt 56 Pilot
HLAVÁČ Vlastimil F/O 311 Navigator
HLOBIL Alois W/Cdr 312 Pilot
HLOBIL Oldřich AC2 312 Ground staff
HLOBIL Oldřich W/O 311 Pilot
HLOUŽEK † Jaroslav Sgt 313 Pilot
HLUBOCKÝ Jan AC2 Depot Ground staff
HLUBUČEK Josef Cpl 310 Armourer
HLUČKA Stanislav F/Sgt 313 Pilot
HNÁTEK Josef F/O 311 Navigator
HNILICA František Jan W/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HNILIČKA † Waltr Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HOCH Karel Sgt 313 Pilot
HOCHBERGER Jakub LAC 311 Instrument Repair I
HOCHMAL Alois S/Ldr 313 Pilot
HOFRICHTER Jaroslav W/O 311 Fitter – Flight Engineer
HOFTA Josef Cpl 311 Fitter II A
HOLEČEK [Holden] Rudolf F/Lt 310 Pilot
HOLEŠ Bohumil F/Sgt 311 Fitter – Flight Engineer
HOLL Štěpán F/Sgt 57 OTU Pilot Trainee
HOLLY Martin Jan LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
HOLMAN Ladislav Cpl 312 Fitter II E
HOLNA † Alois Vladimír P/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HOLOBRÁDEK Jan Cpl 311 Fitter II E
HOLODA Gejza F/Sgt 311 Flight Engineer
HOLOUBEK František F/Lt RAF St. Farnborough Engineering Officer
HOLUB † Josef Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HOLUB Karel LAC 310 Flight Mechanic E
HOLUBKOVÁ Karel LACW WAAF Meteorological Assistant
HOLUBÁŘ Vilém F/Lt 311 Navigator
HOLUBKOVÁ A LACW WAAF Meteorological Assistant
HOLÝ Jaroslav Sgt 111 OTU Pilot
HOLZHAUSER Jindřich Sgt 310 Pilot
HOLZNER [Holt] Bedřich F/Sgt 312 Armourer
HOMOLA Jan AC2 311 Flight Mechanic A
HOMOLKA Václav Sgt 311 Fitter – Flight Engineer
HONZEK Arnošt Sgt 312 Electrician I
HOPTA Pavel LAC 312 Equipment Assistant
HORA [Hasenberg] Eduard F/O HQ London Interpreter
HORÁČEK Josef F/O 311 Pilot
HORÁK † Bohumil F/Lt 1 Pilot
HORÁK Josef S/Ldr 311 Pilot
HORÁK Josef AC2 Depot ACH Ground staff/General Duties
HORÁK Václav F/O 68 Pilot
HOŘEJŠÍ Josef F/O 311 Navigator
HOŘEJŠÍ Oldřich F/Lt 311 Pilot
HOŘEJŠÍ [Howard] Václav F/Lt 311 Navigator
HOŘÍNEK † Jindřich Sgt 1429 COTF Air Gunner
HORKÝ František LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
HORKÝ † František P/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HORNUNG † Jan F/Sgt 311 Navigator
HOROVITZ Mikuláš LAC 311 Wireless Mechanic
HORSCHITZ Hanuš F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HORSKÝ Jindřich Sgt 310 Pilot
HORSKÝ Vladimír Sgt 238 Pilot
HORVARTH Albert Alexander F/O 605 Pilot
HOŠEK Stanislav Sgt 312 Maintenance Assistant
HOSTÁŠEK Josef W/O 311 Air Gunner
HOTOVÝ František F/Sgt 311 Clerk, General Duties
HOUDEK Josef AC2 Depot Ground staff
HOUŠKA Jindřich LAC 310 Flight Mechanic A
HRABAL Bohuslav W/O 311 Air Gunner
HRADIL † Bohuslav Sgt 311 Pilot
HRADIL † František P/O 310 Pilot
HRADIL František LAC 311 Flight Mechanic A
HRADIL Josef Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
HRADIL Karel AC2 Depot Flight Mechanic, Armourer
HRADSKÝ Drahomír Jan F/O 68 Navigator, Radar Operator
HRADSKÝ Michal LAC 310 Flight Mechanic E
HRALA † Jozef F/Sgt 27 OTU Pilot
HRAZDÍRA František AC2 Depot Pilot trainee
HRBÁČEK František F/Lt 311 Medical Officer
HRBÁČEK, DFC Hugo S/Ldr 310 Pilot
HRDINA † Josef F/Sgt 311 Air Gunner
HŘEBAČKA Leopold F/Lt 311 Wireless Operator
HREHA James Gejza LAC Depot Flight Mechanic E
HRNČÍŘ, DFC, AFM Jan F/Lt 311 Pilot
HROCH Bohumil W/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
HRODĚJ Bohuslav AC2 Depot Ground staff
HROMADA Jan AC2 Depot Ground staff
HRUBÝ, DFC Otakar F/Lt 310 Pilot
HRUŠÁK [Hunter] Ilja Kašpar Sgt 311 Pilot
HRUŠKA Antonín S/Ldr 311 Navigator
HRUŠKA Karel F/Sgt 312 Wireless Mechanic, Pilot
HRUŠKA Oldřich AC2 311 Ground staff
HRUŠKA Zikmund Sgt 311 Fitter/Armourer
HRUŠKOVÁ [Cooke] Vlastimila S/O WAAF Meteorologist
HRŮZ Josef LAC 312 Armourer
HRŮZA Josef Cpl 311 ACH/Ground staff [Post Office]
HUB Miroslav Sgt 311 Wireless Mechanic
HUBÁČEK Josef F/Lt 310 Pilot
HUBENÝ Bohuslav Timothy W/O 311 Air Gunner
HUBENÝ Josef LAC 31 EFTS Pilot trainee
HUBIČKA, DFC Josef Jan F/O 311 Wireless Operator, Pilot
HUDEC † Jozef F/O 311 Navigator
HUDEČEK Bernard AC2 311 ACH/G.D
HŮLA Antonín LAC 312 Flight Mechanic E
HUŇÁČEK Stanislav F/O 311 Pilot
HURT † Karel Sgt 311 Pilot
HUSÁR Rudolf Pavol F/O 68 Navigator, Radar Operator
HUSEK Miroslav Sgt 312 Ground staff
HUSMAN [Jánský] Richard Sgt 311 Air Gunner
HYBEL [Hýbl] Karel LAC 311 Flight Mechanic A
HÝBLER Josef Emil F/Lt 310 Pilot
HÝSEK Ladislav F/Sgt 310 Fitter I
HYŤHA Gustav Sgt Depot ACH/G.D., Mess Steward
HYTKA † Zdeněk LAC 4 AOS Wireless Operator trainee

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2 Responses to H

  1. Helen Lewis ( formerly Hopkins, nee Bennett) says:

    Rudolf Husar, dear friend, died in Swansea, UK 2001

    • Richard Clarke says:

      Hi I am looking for any information on Rudolf Husar on behalf of his grandson Oliver Husar and would be grateful if you could help me with this. thank you
      Richard Clarke

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