* 23/09/20 Plzeň, Czechoslovakia.
† 09/05/16 Prague, CR.


With sadness we must advise that

W/O Jaroslav HOFRICHTER, 788189

WW2 Flight Engineer with 311 Sqn. RAF


9 May 2016, Prague.


9. 5. 2016. v Praze.


W/O Jaroslav HOFRICHTER, 788189

příslušník 311. bombardovací perutě


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce

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5 Responses to Jaroslav HOFRICHTER

  1. Michael L says:

    Will there be any official ceremony?

    • Jan Lehovec says:

      Colonel Hofrichter didn´t wish himself whatever funeral with ceremony- he said: “it´s a theatre only”. Only his ash will be disperse later on some memorial place- probably with small ceremony. J.L.

  2. Jan Pašek says:

    Snad mohu říci, že Jaroslav byl můj přítel. Je těžké se loučit s přítelem.

  3. rasco says:

    Pan plukovnik, dakujeme.

  4. Zdenek Samek says:

    It is very sad news! RIP dear Jaroslav!

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