British Missions

British Missions

Pilgrimages to Gravesites of Czechoslovak Soldiers


Libor Sečka

Libor Sečka, Ambassadoe of the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern (2016–2021), initiated a project called “Never Forgotten”, whose aim was to honour the memory of 309 Czechoslovak soldiers who died in the United Kingdom during Worlf War II and are buried there. His project received the support of members of both countries governments.

Postupně se vypravil na 125 pietních míst rozesetých po celém Spojeném království, aby na znamení úcty a vděčnosti symbolicky položil na hroby našich vojáků rudé růže. Své dojmy vztahující se nejen k jejich osudům, ale také k aktuálnímu dění, shrnul do devatenácti etap svého putování. Součástí všech zastavení jsou fotografie zachycující atmosféru navštívených míst.

In stages, he travelled to 125 places of reverence throughout the United Kingdom to pay tribute to the soldiers and place red roses on their graves in gratitude. He summarized his impressions and thoughts, not only about theur fates but also about current events in 19 instalments. An important part of each stop was capturing the atmosphere of the visited places in photographs.

The whole project was dedicated to two anniversaries: 80 years since members of the Czechoslovak Army arrived in Great Britain and 75 years since the end of World War II. Joining the Ambassador on his visits to places of reverence were Czech compatriots, representatives of the British Parliament, municipal governments and religious communities, senior military officers, expecially the Royal Air Force (RAF) and members of historical associations from both countries. Among the most distinguished personalities to become involved in the project were Baron Daniel Finkelstein, a well known commentator for The Times and a member of the House of Lords; Sir David Amess, Paul Bristow and Greg Hands, – all members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament and successful Czech footballers Tomáš Souček and Vladimír Coufal.

Publisher : Books & Pipes, z.ú.
ISBN: 978-8074-852381
Format: Softback, 288 pages
Published: 2021
Price: £14.90
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1 Response to British Missions

  1. Nigel Spitzer-Brummel says:

    As the son of Rolf Spitzer, in the Czechoslovak Army in Exile, then a LAC in the RAF (and sole survivor in his family from Bruntàl) and supporter of the Spanish Republic, I am heartened by the dedication and youthful energy of this site and others dedicated to honouring the CS squadrons of the RAF. It is a most impressive feat. I am hereby making a modest contribution for the moment.

    (In the same spirit, I honour the memory of Canada’s Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion in the Spanish Brigades.)

    Thank-you and best regards.

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