Lotnicy Czechoslowaccy Walczacy z Niemcami w Polsce w 1939 Roku





Henryk Józef Łusiewicz


An account of the Czechoslovak airmen who escaped from their homeland in 1939, to Poland, after the German occupation in March 1939. They anticipated joining Czechoslovak military units which they believed were now being formed in Poland.

Instead they found disinterest from the Polish authorities and they were held at Maly Bronowice, a former army camp near Krakow, whilst Czechoslovak, Polish and French authorities negotiated decisions about their future. The majority were moved to France, having agreed to initially join the French Foreign Legion, until war would be declared.

By late Summer 1939, the Polish authorities realised that they would soon be invaded by Nazi Germany, and that having these Czechoslovak airmen in their own Air Force was now very important.

The book gives a Polish viewpoint of the 93 Czechoslovak airmen who joined the Polish Air Force and fought in the brief and bitter conflict of the German invasion of Poland in September 1939.


Publisher: Lublin
Published: 2008
Format: 172p, inc 104 photographs 
Cover: Softback
Language: Polish


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