Bomber Command Memorial unveiling


At 12:00, 28 June 2012, a Memorial to commemorate the 55,573 who died serving with RAF’s Bomber Command in WW2 was unveiled in London by Her Majesty The Queeen.

During the Ceremony the Lancaster bomber of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, flew overhead and dropped thousands of poppies in remembrance.

311 Czechoslovak Squadron was with Bomber Command between 14 July 1940 and 28 April 1942. Whilst with Bomber Command 114 Czechoslovak airmen were killed and 34 others became Prisoners of War.

During WW2 a total of total of 512 Czechoslovak airmen died whilst serving in the RAF and a further 53 were Prisoners of War.

Details about the Memorial here.

Memorial location is located in Green Park, Picadilly, opposite the RAF Club.



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