Bedrich Abeles

Bedřich ABELES

* 23.06.1925., Vienna, Austria
† 14.12.2020. Leicester.


With sadness we must advise that

AC2 Bedřich ABELES 788591

311 Sqn, Maintenance Assistant


14 December 2020,


Se smutkem v srdci oznamujeme, že 14.12.2020 zemřel v Leicesteru

AC2 Bedřich ABELES 788591

311. peruť, asistent opravář


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce

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2 Responses to Bedrich Abeles

  1. Hana Muzika Kahn says:

    Can anyone tell me if Bedrich Abeles lived for some years in Princeton, New Jersey, USA before retiring to England? He was a dynamic leader of the small Czech community in Princeton.

    • David Abeles says:

      Yes. I am Ben’s son David. Ben lived in Princeton 1956-2009. Can someone give Mrs Kahn my contact?
      David Abeles

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