Czechoslovak Air Force pilots and navigator badges

polní pilot.

Reproduction 1939 period Czechoslovak Air Force Pilots and Navigator badges are now available from SM Parapresent in the Czech Republic.

Reprodukce československých pilotních odznaků polních pilotů a polních pozorovatelů v provedení z roku 1939 jsou nyní na prodej u frimy SM Parapresent s.r.o. v České republice.

polní pozorovatel

Each badge costs 600 Kč plus postage to Czech Republic or international destinations.

Cena je 600 Kč za kus plus poštovné. Zboží je možno dodat i do zahraničí.

More details here.

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1 Response to Czechoslovak Air Force pilots and navigator badges

  1. Annabel Vnoucek says:

    I am lucky – I have my father’s original. He gave it to his mother when he escaped. She kept it till she died (I was never able to meet her because of communism). She left it to her eldest daughter (my father’s favourite sister) who I met when I went to Prague for one day in 1995 – just to see her. I subsequently visited her daughter (my cousin) at her chata in Decin. She said she had something for me and put my father’s badge in my hand. I will leave you all to imagine how I felt.

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