Karel Pavlik lectern Ypres

On 6 May 2018, a lectern was donated to St George’s Memorial Church in Ypres, Belgium, with a commemorative plaque dedicated to RAF Sgt Karel Pavlík. St George’s Memorial Church is dedicated to the memory of British ( Imperial) warriors killed in action mainly in WW I and WW II.

6. května 2018 byl britskému vojenskému kostelu Sv Jiří v Yprech v Belgii darován čtecí pultík s pamětní destičkou věnovanou RAF Sgt Karlu Pavlíkovi. Kostel Sv Jiřív Yprech byl postaven na počest britských ( imperialních) bojovníků, kteří padli v boji převážně v 1. a 2. světové válce.

Sgt Karel Pavlík

Sgt Karel Pavlík flew with 313 (Czechoslovak) SQN. He was shot down and KIA near Ypres during the ill-fated RAF Operation Circus 157 on 5 May 1942 and is buried in CWGC Ypres Town Extension cemetery in Ypres.

Sgt Karel Pavlík létal s 313. (CZ) perutí. Byl sestřelen a zemřel nedaleko Yper během tragické RAF Operace Circus 157 5.5.1942 a je pohřben na Ypres Town Extension hřbitove CWGC.

The lectern was blessed by Revd Gillian Trinder, Chaplain of St George’s Memorial Church during special Sunday morning Service. The lectern with the plaque is a remembrance gift of Chris Lock and his wife Milena Kolarikova, who also placed a wreath at the RAF commemorative plaque in the Church and sang the Czech national anthem on conclusion of the ceremony.

Čtecí pultík požehnala vikářa kostela Sv Jiří Gillian Trinderova během nedělní specialní bohoslužby. Čtecí pultík s pamětní destičkou byly kostelu darovány Chrisem Lockem a jeho ženou Milenou Kolaříkovou, která také položila věnec k desce věnované padlým letcům RAF a která tuto ceremonii zakončila zpevěm české hymny.

Rest in Peace

Cest jeho pamatce!

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1 Response to Karel Pavlik lectern Ypres

  1. Chris Lock says:

    Thank you for posting this report. Most proud of my wife Milena Kolarikova who will soon receive the BEM for services on behalf of British military personnel buried overseas.

    The plaque honoring Sgt Karel Pavlik was her parting gift to St George’s Memorial Church, which stands nearby to Sgt Pavlik’s grave as she prepares to relocate back to the UK.

    Well done Milena I say!!

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