RAF Misto narozeni Brno

RAF Místo narození Brno


Michaela Zemánková, Jaroslav Popelka

RAF Místo narození Brno gives brief biographical information about the 110 Czechoslovaks from the Brno region who escaped from their homeland to join the RAF during WW2.

The book provides background information about pre-WW2 military aviation training in Czechoslovakia, information about there escape to Poland and then onto France to join l’Armee d’Air, the Battle for France and then the evacuation to England after the French capitulation in June 1940. The book includes further information about the life of a Czechoslovak in the RAF during WW@2.

Publisher: Statutání město Brno –
Archiv města Brna
ISBN: 978-80-86736-50-1

Format: Hardback, 296 pages

with 370 B&W photos + RAF colour standards
Language: Czech
Published: December 2016
Price: 580 Kč

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1 Response to RAF Misto narozeni Brno

  1. Duzzy says:

    Are there any photos taken at Mendlesham England?

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