Recollections of Czech pilots of WW2

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3 Responses to Recollections of Czech pilots of WW2

  1. Peter Doktor says:

    Thank you for the video. It took my heart. If you can, make more of documentaries. Please keep this memories of our only heroes for ever !!!

  2. Leos Anderle. says:

    I enjoyed the posting very much,so interesting,and so many similar stories.
    My father Leos Anderle also joined the French foreign legion and then got to England where he joined the” secret squadron ” 138. He also met my mother at a dance, and he also would fly his Halifax bomber just above the the rooftops of the row of houses where my mother lived waving out of the cockpit and shaking everyone’s windows.I smiled to hear such shared histories.
    Thank you,
    Leos Anderle.

  3. Melanie Kosh says:

    Really captivating and interesting.Thank you for posting.

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