Congratulations to Anděla Beníčková Haida

Many congratulations to


Anděla Beníčková Haida

paní Anděle Haidě Beníčkové

who will reach her 100th birthday on the 8th November 2013.

která se 8.11.2013 dožívá 100. narozenin

Anděla served as a ACW2 WAAF driver in 1651 Conversion Unit during WW2.

ACW2 Anděla Beníčková, WAAF, byla ve druhé světové válce řidičem motorového vozidla pro 1651 přepravu jednotek

and is the only surviving Czechoslovak RAF veteran to have achieved this grand age.

a je jedinou, dosud žijící československou veteránkou RAF, která se dožila tak vysokého věku.

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4 Responses to Congratulations to Anděla Beníčková Haida

  1. Hastíková Olga says:

    Paní Anděla Haida je sestrou mé babičky Marie Hrabalíkové,rozené Beníčkové. Moc gratuluji k narozeninám. Hastíková Olga,roz. Hrabalíková

    [Moderators translation: Mrs Anděla Haida is sister of my grand mother Marie Hrabalíkoá- born Beníčková. The best wishes for her birthday. Hastíková Olga, born Hrabalíková.]

  2. Radovan Kohout says:

    Happy Birthday, Andela, with many thanks and much respect for your serving the RAF during WW2. Thank God you did not end up in a communist prison after 1948 as so many Czech RAF airmen did. Your life story would be of great interest to many! Wishing good health and peace of mind! Radovan Kohout (nor related to Vera), Toronto.

  3. Vera Kohoutova says:

    Pridavam se ke gratulaci, a podekovani za odvahou a entuziasmem naplneny zivot. Hlavne zdravicko.

    Prosim, existuje story veteranky na techto strankach?
    Dekuji Vera K., Toronto

    [Moderators translation: I am joining with my congratulations and thanks for life filled with courage and enthusiasm. Especially good health!
    Is there a story of a female veteran on these pages, please?]

  4. Andrew M. Ockenden says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday wishes to Anděla Beníčková Haida, on the occasion of her 100 years birthday; and many thanks also to her for her service and the service of all her Czechoslovakian comrades with the Allies during WW2.

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