311 Squadron


311 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF



Pavel Vančata.,



History of the successful Czechoslovak bomber squadron in the RAF during WW2.

No. 311 (Czechoslovak) Bomber Squadron was established as the second Czechoslovak combat squadron within the Royal Air Force during the summer of 1940, and became the only wholly Czechoslovak bomber squadron in the RAF. The Czechoslovak pilots flew Wellingtons and B-24 Liberators on operations, and returned to their homeland with the latter at the end of the war.

A complete operational history of the unit with many BW photos of planes and personnel, complete listing of killed and POW airmen and the first ever published complete list of flying personnel.

The book contains: Superb color illustrations of camouflage and markings, rare black and white archive photographs. It is essential reading for aviation enthusiasts, historians and scale aeromodellers.

29 June 2013 – Pavel Vančata, apologies to all for the long delay in his book being published but advises that its release is now re-scheduled to late 2013.

Publisher: Mushroom Model Publications
Published: re-scheduled to late 2013
ISBN: 9788361421436
Format: Softback, 128p with illustrations, colour artwork plus B & W photos
Language: English
Price: £13.99

A review of this book is here

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22 Responses to 311 Squadron

  1. Jeanette Strutt-Shotton says:

    My father Flight Srg Stefan Fonta 788217 was with the 311 at Beaulieu in 1943. Any information please. Thanking you beforehand

  2. Ondřej Černohorský says:

    Dobrý den pane Vančato,
    dostal se mi do ruky letecký deník (Navigator`s, air bomber`s and air gunner`s flying log book), který vedl u 311. peruti plukovník v.v. Soudek v letech 1943-45. Jsou zde stručné záznamy o jednotlivých letech (kdy, na jakém stroji, jméno pilota, účel a doba letu atd.) a deník by tak mohl posloužit jako zajímavý historický pramen pro někoho, kdo se historií 311. peruti zabývá hlouběji. Proto se chci zeptat, jestli by Vás deník zajímal.

    • Dobrý den pane Černohorský, děkuji za informaci, každý dobový dokument může pomoci osvětlit bílá místa ve službě našich letců, takže mne informace obsažené v deníku určitě zajímají. Budu rád, pokud by jste mne mohl kontaktovat prostřednictvím mého webu http://cz-raf.hyperlink.cz. Pokud by byl nějaký problém, spojím se s Vámi přes administrátora tohoto webu.

      [translation: Dear Mr. Cernohorsky, thank you for your post, every old document may help to shed light on some part of our airmen service so I am interested in the information from the mentioned Log Book. I will be glad if you can contact me via my website http://cz-raf.hyperlink.cz. If you will have any problems to contact me I will contact you via this site admin.]

  3. Pavel Vancata says:

    I would like to apologize for such a long delay but the book is now finally published!

  4. Basil Coram says:

    Flt Sgt Leslie Coram/Anna Stranskych

    I know that Les kept in touch with several Czech colleagues over the years, but I have no record other than a young Lady called Anna Stranskych, I also have her address: Myslikovo16, Praha II. Is ther anybody out there who can identify Anna?
    She sent Les a book “Nad Prahou”, during the 1960’s ( the book was published in 1966) – one memento I was able to salvage!

  5. Basil Coram says:

    Brilliant news! My uncle F/S Leslie (Pixie) Coram served with 311 Squdron all through the war! the final move to Northern Ireland was a move to far – he left the RAF and spent the rest of his years regretting it!

    • John Rennison says:

      Basil, brilliant to see your message … My father F/Sgt Jack Rennison was also on 311 Sqn and knew your uncle well. I have a couple of photo’s with them both on. I met your uncle post-war when my father called in at his home in Buckfast Leigh, on the way down to Cornwall in the early 1960’s as I recall.
      John Rennison

      • Basil Coram says:

        I was hoping that someone, somewhere would remember Les. He died back in 1990, a bit of a character and my “favourite” uncle. Sadly I have little material to show for his service, It was all gone by the time I arrived in Devon. I have a few bits and peices which hopefully I will try to get on-line soon…some photos, but no names.
        I do have a Xmas menu for 311 Sqn (1943) which has been signed by numerous people, ,both Czeck and British, but signatures are always unreadable!!

        I do recall another name of Leslies “buddies” – WO George Carruthers, when Les died we had instructions to notify George! Anty info?

  6. Milan Herčut says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    I can provide you with information regarded to your grandfather F/O Pavel Kudláč (153664) member of the No 311 squadron.

  7. stephanie davies says:

    I am looking for information on my grandfather Pavel Kudlak, who I believe was a part of this squdaron. I was woundering if anyone has any information on this. If this turns out to be the correct squadron this this would be an amazing gift for my mother.

    • Pavel Vancata says:

      Hi Stephanie, if this is your grandfather:
      KUDLÁČ Pavel F/O 787 262 153 664
      So he flew with No. 311 Squadron as an Air Gunner and later after pilot training he flew with No. 68 Sq.

  8. Daniela Scarfe says:

    I am also keenly awaiting the publication of this book as I am researching on my mother’s behalf, life of Josef Nyvlt in Britain, who died 15.9.1942 serving with Sq.311

    • Peter Doktor says:

      Well I have ordered this publication at Amazon books store one year ago and still waiting… what the matter with this..? can somebody give me advice where is the book available. I live in Ontario Canada
      Thanks Peter Doktor

  9. Joe Kubat says:

    Hello Pavel, I too look forward to this book. If you remember, we conversed several years ago regarding my Uncle, Joe Kubat who served in 311 Squadron and was killed 29.6 1944.

  10. sharoneaton says:

    I have had this book on order since sept. 2012. My grandfather Frankiesk Sapak was a engineer with 311 sqn. based in Norfolk.

    • Pavel Vancata says:

      Dear Sharon, thank you for your interest. I have to apologize to all who pre-ordered the book but unfortunately the book is still not available (color profiles of Liberators not ready yet). I hope it will be published this year.
      Pavel Vancata

  11. Kate Tattam says:

    Yes I’m trying to get hold of it too. Have actually ordered it from Waterstones but they have emailed to say its not in stock yet. Has anyone got hold of a copy from anywhere ? My Grandfather Milan Stehno was a wireless operator in 311 Sqn.

    • Good morning Kate,

      I am a coloured Belgian – South African and I live in Belgium. As an R.A.F. and Commonwealth air forces enthusiast, I do have some access to a certain amount of photographs, indeed. There is one with you grandfather, along with British, Czechoslovak and Belgian airmen. It has been taken during his training in Canada.

      I will send you the scanned copy and the identifications as well with great pleasure.

      I wish you a good day.


  12. Pavel Vancata says:

    Hi Peter, sorry for long delay.
    The book was postponed and not published yet, I hope it will be out this year.
    I am sure this site will inform about it.

  13. Peter Doktor says:

    Where I can order this book?
    Thanks Peter Doktor

    • Ian Grogan says:

      I am very interested in this book as my aunt married Warrant Officer Josef Tichy a pilot in 311 squadron in 1945 & wondered what happened to him after the war.

      • Šárka Palíková says:

        I am a great-great-niece of a pilot Josef Tichy. I live in the Czech Republic. Josef Tichy was my grandmother´s uncle. Have you any interesting information about him? Some photos fot example?

        P.S. Excuse me, a don´t speak English quite well.

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