Strange story of a WW2 RAF Navigator


Strange Story of a
WW2 RAF Navigator


Peter Arton

Peter Arton’s long journey.

Grew up in Teplice. Age 16 left home as Germany annexed the Sudeten Land. From Prague escaped to Poland after the Germans occupied Czechoslovakia. Witnessed the beginning of WW2 and the destruction of Warsaw. Follows a three years episode through half of the world to reach England and join the RAF. As navigator flew 49 missions with the 311 (Czech) bomber squadron.

After the war returned to Czechoslovakia and acted as deputy to the Head of Education at Air Force Headquarters in Prague. Resigned when Russian pressure increased. Went back to England. Follows an era of studies, intelligence, business. Due to the Slánký trial broke off all contacts with the home country. In 1954 arrested and deported to Israel.

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9 781468 031782
Format: Softback
Language: English
Published: July 2012
Price: £7.42

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