Prague Pimpernel



Prague Pimpernel


Joe Doubek




From a steady humdrum career as a young accountant, Joe Doubek was suddenly pitchforked into a life of danger, adventure and high drama by Adolf Hitler’s brutal seizure of Czechoslovakia on the 15 March 1939.

“Prague Pimpernel” is the fascinating true storey of one man’s patriotic struggle for the freedom of his country, oppressed first by the Nazi conquerors and then later by a ruthless Communist regime.

Aviator, patriot, French Foreign legionary, escapee, Australian outback explorer, Health Spa director, nursery labourer, family man and Scarlet Pimpernel from Prague – Joe Doubek has been all of these in an exciting and dangerous lifetime that spans from Hitler’s era of the “Master Race”, through the tensions of the cold war period and onwards to the present times. The author tells his story here with sincerity and understatement and with a gentle sense of humour. The action moves from mainland Europe to Britain, and finally to Australia.

Publisher: Doubek
ISBN: 0-646-13447-7
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Published: 1993

A review of this book is here

** This book is now out-of-print but it is still possible to obtain a copy from the shop at the RAF Museum, Hendon.

For the website visitor interested in learning more about the Czechoslovak Airmen in Great Britain during World War II, second-hand copies should be available through specialised book shops, book fairs, or on-line sources such as abebooks or amazon


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