Reichswald Forest War Cemetery 11 November 2011


Armistice Day

11 November 2011

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Germany

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Click here for further details of the six Czechoslovak airmen buried in this cemetery.

The assistance of Nigel Pemberton with this article is very much appreciated.



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1 Response to Reichswald Forest War Cemetery 11 November 2011

  1. John says:

    I went to the Cemetery in 2010. The size blew me away. Wish I had more time there but I had to get back to Nijmegen. Great pics Nigel and thanks for your help. A great site to brave men.


  2. Nigel Pemberton says:

    It was an Honour to have been able to help and I was Humbled by the Service.
    Thank you.

    The lowered Standard, Flags half mast.
    Our salute to brothers past.
    Fading echo´s of the Bugles call.
    The Piper watching from the wall.
    Raise up, our prayers for those who fell.
    From Flanders fields to Afgans hell.
    Our thanks to those who fought all Wars.
    At home, at sea, on foreign shores.
    And in our hearts, they with us stand,
    all members of this “Brotherhood Band”
    For Heroes all, within us bide.
    Lest we forget, who for us died.

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