Josef Frantisek UK Memorial unveiled 4.09.2022

A memorial plaque was unveiled today for Sgt Josef František near to the place where he was killed when his Hurricane, RF-R, crashed near Ewell on 8 October 1940, he was 26 years old. He flew with 303 (Polish) Sqn and was their most successful pilot during the Battle of Britain, with 17 Luftwaffe aircraft shot down in a 28 day period.

The memorial and information panel was unveiled by Igor Fryč, great nephew and closest known relative of Josef František.

The event was attended by a delegation from the Klubu vojenské Historie Otaslavice z.s. [the Military History Club Otaslavice], Sgt Josef František home town and the Patrioti odkazu gen. Jana R. Irvinga z.s. [the General Jan Irving Legacy Patriots Club], both from the Czech Republic.

By the memorial, they sang the Czechoslovak national anthem to remember their fallen countryman.

A biography for Sgt Josef František here

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3 Responses to Josef Frantisek UK Memorial unveiled 4.09.2022

  1. Patrick Lelliott says:

    Excellent! Visited it today. Who organised it? I am writing an article and would like to credit whoever organised it. Some direction signs to it are needed, say, from Banstead Road, and Reigate Road. I’m looking into having a memorial plaque added to the Road name plate where he actually crashed (Cuddington Way, off Banstead Road)
    Pat Lelliott

  2. Gavin Bartlett says:

    I would like to visit this memorial to pay my respects . I understand it is in Ewell , but whereabouts please .

    [Moderators comment: It is at Priest Hill Nature Reserve]

  3. Joseph. Sedivy says:

    Good work I am relative to Alois Sedivy costal command. Squadron leader Thanks

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