Thank you Andy Shepherd

Děkujeme Andy Shepherd

For remembering the Czechoslovak men and women who served in the RAF during WW2.

Za udržování vzpomínky na československé muže a ženy, kteří sloužili v RAF během druhé světové války.

Col Andy Shepherd is a former Defence Attache at the British Embassy, Prague and one of the British team responsible for the Winged Lion Monument being established in 2014.

Plukovník Andy Shepherd je bývalý vojenský přidělenec na britském velvyslanectví v Praze a člen týmu zodpovědného za realizaci památníku Okřídleného Lva v roce 2014.

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3 Responses to Thank you Andy Shepherd

  1. Steve Payne says:

    And (most of all) Dekuji – sorry can’t put the correct accents on the letters – to all the gallant Czech aircrew – some of whom are 2nd, and more, separated from their mother country – who earned all of our freedom…

    Lest We Forget!

  2. Frank Brejcha. says:

    Yes, thank you from all the Brejcha family , I know my Dad would have been thrilled to be remembered .

  3. Wendy Sustr Brown says:

    A long overdue memorial….
    Thank you Andy ……

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