* 01.08.1924., Vienna, Austria.

† 23.06.2021., Prague, Czech Republic.


With sadness we must advise that

F/Sgt Tomáš LÖWENSTEIN [Lom] 788630

311 Sqn Wireless Operator


23 June 2021.


23.06.2021. v Praze.


F/Sgt Tomáš LÖWENSTEIN [Lom] 788630

311.perutě radista


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce

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3 Responses to Tomas LÖWENSTEIN [Lom]

  1. Ian Morton says:

    A sad loss. One of the last, if not the last Czech airmen of the Royal Air Force. I met Tom at Project Propeller. He was funny and energetic. A man of huge talents and achievements. His wartime career was remarkable, but his life was extraordinary. Rest in peace. Per Ardua Ad Astra.

  2. Karel Mündel says:

    During last years Tom participated in excellent storytelling focused on youngest population, he has visited schools and met many youngsters telling them about the famous history of Czech flyers in RAF’s services.
    The wonderfull book “Story of Mr. Wellington” written for kids from 5 to 90 years 🙂 was written with his assistance. And the book was bought not only by parents for their kids, but by military and civil pilots for their pleasure, as well.
    R.I.P. Mr. Wellington

  3. Čeněk Urbanec says:


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