Rytíři Nebes 311. československá peruť 01 – 29.10.20.

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1 Response to Rytíři Nebes 311. československá peruť 01 – 29.10.20.

  1. Petr Doktor says:

    Hmmmmm rytiri kteri za zasluhy v boji proti nepriteli skoncili casto jako nadenici a mnozi museli odejit z vlasti pro kterou bojovali, aby meli dustojny zivot. Ostuda Naroda kterou uz nikdy nenapravite a zadna besidka to nenapravi…

    [Moderators translation: Hmmmmm knights of the heavens who for their contribution to the battle against the enemy, very often ended up as labourers and many of them had to leave the country for which they fought to live in dignity. It is a disgrace for the nation and can never be corrected by a belated tribute to those long gone.]

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