80th Anniversary – 312 Czechoslovak Sqn RAF

80th Anniversary

29th August 2020

the 80th Anniversary

of the formation of

312 Squadron

the second Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron

in the Royal Air Force.


29.srpna 2020

80. výročí

založení 312. perutě

druhé československé stíhací perutě

v Britském královském letectvu


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2 Responses to 80th Anniversary – 312 Czechoslovak Sqn RAF

  1. Paul Kopecek says:

    Thank you for this reminder.
    Paul Kopecek, son of Vladimir Kopecek 312 Sq.

  2. karel mundel says:

    Lest we forget!
    In remembrance of all “storks” who went from Czechoslovakia to France and then to Britain. Many of them lost their lives to enable the rest to come back as heroes and victors.

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