Remembrance Vaclav Havel Airport – 15.8.2019.

On 15 August a ceremony was held at the Airmen’s Memorial at Václav Havel airport, formerly Ruzyně airport, to commemorate the return of the Czechoslovak RAF airmen who had returned there in August 1945.

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The event included a moving speech by Charlie Kasal, the now Czech based son of former 312 Sqn pilot F/Lt Karel Kasal.

Video © Jan Lehovec

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4 Responses to Remembrance Vaclav Havel Airport – 15.8.2019.

  1. Reg Wyness says:

    Superb Remembrance occasion at Václav Havel airport on 15 August 2019, and do so wish my health at now 88 years would have allowed me to be have been there – to remember ALL my late former good friends of the Czechoslovak-RAF days – who I will never forget …
    Reg Wyness

  2. Petr Doktor says:

    Hej Charles ja jsem zas rad ze moji vnuci se narodili v Kanade a s tou zemi kde vseci kradnu nebudou mit uz nic spolecnyho….

    [Moderators translation: Hi Charles, I am glad that my grandsons were born in Canada and they have nothing to do with that country full of thieves]

  3. Jan Šinágl says:

    Ten pán povídá v dobré víře nesmysly jako většina krajanů, která zde nežije a vidí jen následky, ne skutečné příčiny. Navíc by se měl naučit základy rétoriky, kdy méně je více. JS

    [Moderators translation: That man is talking rubbish (not with bad intention). The same as most of our citizens who don’t live in the country. JS]

    • Petr Doktor says:

      Bingo … nejdriv je komunisti za statecnost pozavirali do dolu a ted kdyz vladnou dal jakoby demokraticky tak je vytahli z klobouku a dokonce se s nima po padesati letech chlubi a rozdavani placky In memoriam. V malym narode dal zustava “demokraticky” velka pakaz komunisti a dnes i v ruznych barvach…

      [Moderators translation: Bingo … at first the communists sent them, for their bravery, to mines and now when they behive, on governing the country as if they were democrats, they rediscovered them and after fifty years they boast of them and award them medals in memoriam. In this small nation there still exists “democraticaly” a large trash of communists under different colours.]

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