More disrespect at the Winged Lion

Takže na pomníku Okřídleného lva už řádily skupiny opilých turistů, často jej využívají děti jako herní a lezecký prvek, a to české i ty zahraniční, samozřejmě v doprovodu dospělých. Ti by však měli vědět, jak se chovat u válečného monumentu, a děti poučit či napomenout.

Well there have been drunk tourist groups being disrespectful at the Winged Lion monument. There are also numerous examples of children – Czech and foreign – here as well accompanied by adults who should know better as to how to behave at a war monument.

Nyní však, zní to až neuvěřitelně, použil pomník český politik, který si z něj udělal pódium k propagaci svého volebního programu.

But disbelievably, now a Czech politician using the Winged Lion monument as a platform to further their political agenda.

Tak tohle je již vrchol dehonestujícího a zcela nepřijatelného chování. Jde opravdu o velmi smutný příklad toho, jak si někdo, u něhož by se dala očekávat znalost věci, neváží našich příslušníků a příslušnic RAF a jejich přínosu pro historii České republiky.

Totally unacceptable and disrespectful, behaviour. and a very poor example as to how the legacy of the CzRAF men and women and their contribution to Czech history is regarded by someone who should know better.

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4 Responses to More disrespect at the Winged Lion

  1. John Brewster says:

    It’s hard to read these articles and I sincerely hope that they are exaggerated for effect.
    I worked with a delightful man – Joe Capka – who flew bombers and I believe Mosquitos and was badly burned and last an eye in a crash landing. He spent years in prison, on his return home, and had to leave his homeland for the remainder of his life. He left an indelible impression on me and I would hate to think that his memory was not respected by those he sought to protect. Read his book – Red Sky at Night! You would need to be heartless not to “bow your head”

    [Moderator’s comment: Sadly no exaggeration in those articles, with more photos regularly being sent in.]

  2. Zdenek Samek says:

    Much worse as Petr says. Look at government, prime minister in list of StB cooperators, under criminal act of fraud EU money, bolsheviks dictate what government can and can not, then do not be surprised by stupidy of people like this Robert Vašíček. He says “I am Czech”, but has no idea about country history. We are in very deep misery.

  3. Petr Doktor says:

    Nothing new in todays development of the Czech Republic. You can see the alkohol lover president talk dirty, or hardly keeping balance under influence of alkohol. The moral of the Nation sank rapidly after the “velvet revolution”. The communists still in the power.

  4. Frank Brejcha says:

    Sadly , our new generations of not only children, teenagers and but even adults, have lost respect for the many who made the ultimate sacrifice for THEIR freedom and quality of life.

    In Czechoslovakia, that freedom was lost for many years, but nevertheless the men who died and who fought, deserve respect and to be honoured by this Memorial.
    How it can be protected is a hard question…..? Perhaps by better police surveillance? Better education of its importance ?
    As for the politician ? well , judging by some of our politicians here in the UK, it’s no surprise really. 😦

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