Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain from 1940

Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain from 1940

A historical and philatelic study


Richard Beith FRPSL

Monograph 30 completes a series of three monographs covering the Czechoslovak Forces in the West between 1939 and 1945: No. 26 (France 1939-1940), No. 27 (The Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade in France 1944-1945 and their return home) and this new volume. All three monographs have separate ‘historical ‘and ‘philatelic’ chapters, academic footnotes and bibliographies.

The new volume is divided in two parts:

I The Czechoslovak Army-in-Exile in the United Kingdom
II Czechoslovaks in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Part II includes a chapter on the previously neglected philatelic topic of the airmen training in Canada and The Bahamas.

Monograph 30 contains viii + 160 = 168 pages, A4, full colour.

Publisher: Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain
Format: A4 card covers
Language: English
Published: September 2017
Price: £22.50 + postage as appropriate
Availability: In print.
Order via or through the CPSGB website.

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