Return to Prague – August 1945

The Liberators and airmen of 311 Sqn returning to Prague on 15 August 1945.

Two days previously the 54 Spitfires of 310 Sqn, 312 Sqn and 313 Sqn had also returned.

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4 Responses to Return to Prague – August 1945

  1. Paula Bullent says:

    …our Dad (Dusek- RAF) returned to Czechoslovak after the war with his British wife and had to ESCAPE again, this time with 3 children, only returning safely during the Dubcek era 1968 for the first time in 20 years.
    Uk has been our home since then.

  2. Jan Šinágl says:

    Praha-Klárov 14.8.2017: Zcela nedůstojná připomínka 72.výročí návratu pilotů RAF do vlasti

    S pozdravem Jan

  3. Frank Brejcha says:

    What a fantastic piece of historical film … wonder the Russians weren’t happy. So many heroic men and women too. A tragedy that these brave men were treated so BADLY in the coming months and years.

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