Manston Memorial plaque

A Memorial Plaque is now located in the Memorial Garden at the RAF Manston Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum, Manston, Kent.

The Czechoslovak RAF fighter squadrons, 310 Sqn, 312 Sqn and 313 Sqn and also 311 Sqn were stationed here at the end of WW2, prior to their departure back to Czechoslovakia in August 1945.

Following the Communist take-over of Czechoslovakia in February 1948, there were four daring aircraft escapes by former Czechoslovak RAF airmen, whose landed their aircraft at Manston.

Three were early morning flights in 1948, details here,

Daily Mail story about the escape

Daily Mail story about the 18 May 1948 escape.

But the most daring being a daylight escape on 30 September 1950, details here and a first hand account by Eduard Prchal, one of the pilot, here, is bizarrely not mentioned on the plaque.

OK-WAA parked at RAF Manston, October 1950.

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