Guinea Pig Memorial Appeal

Please give your support for a crowd funding appeal to raise funds for a memorial to commemorate the Guinea Pigs of WW2.

The ‘Guinea Pigs’ were 649 badly burnt RAF airmen who were sent to Archibald McIndoe’ specialist burns unit at East Grinstead for pioneering medical treatment.

Amongst these ‘Guinea Pigs’ were three Czechoslovak pilots: František Truhlář, Josef Koukal and because of his frostbite injuries after six exposed days in a dinghy in the North Sea, Alois Šiška.

A worthy cause to support!

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1 Response to Guinea Pig Memorial Appeal

  1. Zdenek Samek-Club of friends E.M.Prchal says:

    Donation for this great idea was send by credit card. Thank you for this activity and good luck with memorial.

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