Olsany – 2nd September 2015

Remembrance at Olšany cemetery, Prague, 2 September 2015.

Video credit : Jan Šinagl

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1 Response to Olsany – 2nd September 2015

  1. T34 says:

    Vazeny pane Sinagle, ocenuji Vasi navstevu vojenskych hrbitovu na Olsanech 2.9. i to, ze jste se poklonil pamatce padlych a investoval vlastni penize na nakup ruzi a vencu ve jmenu ceskych spoluobcanu. Jenom bych chtela poznamenat, ze v Evrope se vseobecne oslavuje 8. kvetna VE Day, tedy konec valky na evropskem kontinentu, nikoli 2.zari, V Day. 2. zari se – pokud je mi znamo – neoslavuje v Evrope nikde. V kvetnu se pokladaly vence jak na hrbitove CWGC, tak na hrbitove padlych rudoarmejcu a u pamatnicku nasich letcu v RAF. V nedeli nejblizsi 11.11., tedy Armistice Day vzpominajici primeri 1. svetove valky, bude slavnostni ceremonie na hrbitove CWGC na Olsanech – prijdte se podivat. Ja Vam osobne dekuji, ze jste sam zasel 2.9. na Olsany, ale nebudte zahorkly; na ty, kteri bojovali a umirali i za nasi svobodu, se nezapomina, byt se jim ruze na hroby nenosi kazdy den.

    Dear Mr. Sinagl, I do appreciate your visit at the military cemeteries in Olsany in Prague, CR, on 2nd September and that you paid homage to the fallen and even invested own money to buy roses and two wreaths on behalf of the Czech compatriots. I would only like to mention, that in Europe VE Day it is generally commemorated on 8 May, the day marking the end of WW II on European continent, and not 2nd September, V Day (signing of Armistice with Japan). As far as I know, 2nd September isn’t commemorated anywhere in Europe. In May, wreaths were placed both at the CWGC cemetery and the Red Army military cemetery, as well as the small private memorial to the Cz RAF pilots/aircrew. On Sunday closest to the 11th November – Armistice Day commemorating the end of WW I, there will be a remembrance ceremony at the Olsany CWGC cemetery, like every year. I would like to thank you personally, that you visited Olsany and remembered the allied fallen. But don’t be bitter – those, who fought and fell also for our freedom, are not forgotten, even though roses are not placed on their graves each day…


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