Vladimir SALAC

Vladimír SALAČ

* 02/03/23
† 23/03/13


With sadness we must advise that


Cpl Vladimír SALAČ, 788072

WW2 Electrician I with 311 Sqn. RAF


23 March 2013 at Vrchlabí, Czech Republic.


23. března 2013 v Vrchlabí, Česká republika


Cpl Vladimír SALAČ, 788072

elektrikář I. 311. perutě RAF


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce


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5 Responses to Vladimir SALAC

  1. Mike Casey says:

    I am Mike Casey son of Vera Salacova and I’m pulling together a history of the family. Working with Linda and Jana Vlasakova feel free to contact me.

  2. Ljuba Salacova says:

    Happy memories. Rest in peace.

  3. Linda Nixon says:

    Sorry I never met you in person. Rest in peace Uncle Vladimir.

    • Jiří Salač says:

      Hello, I’m sorry if I’m wrong. Vladimír Salač was my grandfather. Are you daughter of one of his sisters please? I never heard to speake him about his family but I’m very curious about the story of our family.
      Best Ragards,
      Jiří Salač

      • LINDA E NIXON says:

        Hello, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to you – I’ve only just seen this message as I am going through my computer deleting stuff. It seems we are related! Yes I am the daughter of Ljuba Salacova. As far as I am aware there were 6 children – Betty, Vladimir, Ljuba, Vera, Robert & Miluse. Vera moved to Canada but she died a couple of years ago. I believe Robert lives in Kladno, I have not met him. I have met Miluse who lives in Prague. I too am very curious about the story of our family. Kindest regards, Linda (UK)

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