The Postal History of the Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain: 1940-1945

The Postal History

of the Free Czechoslovak Forces in Great Britain:




Richard Beith..,

This 98 page volume is a study of the postal history of the Czechoslovak forces, both airmen and soldiers, who arrived in Great Britain in the summer of 1940 following the fall of France. It is based on the author’s collection and the contributions of many other enthusiasts. Attention is given to the historical background and the military history during their time in Great Britain. Following a discussion of the escape from France, all military locations from July 1940 to August 1944 are listed with black and white illustrations, many from the Imperial War Museum, London. Depots and Training Centres are described and the sad story of the ‘Spaniards’ of Cholmondeley and their internment related. The operation of the Field Post and its postal markings, censorship of mail and the rules for corresponding overseas are all considered. A full list of the 24 commemorative patriotic postmarks created for the Field Post is given and illustrated.

The mail of the four Czechoslovak squadrons in the RAF (310-313) was treated in exactly the same way as any other RAF squadron operating in the UK. There were no special postmarks and mail can only be identified by sender’s or addressee’s name, or a reference to the Squadron number or inscriptions such as ‘Written in Czech’. Overseas mail had to be ‘anonymous’ for security reasons. Mail to a Czechoslovak member of the RAF from abroad had to be addressed to PO Box 281, London EC1, from where it was passed to the Czechoslovak Air Force depot and on to the addressee. Similarly, mail sent abroad had to use Box 281 as the sender’s address. A complete listing of locations for squadrons 310-313 is given from 1940 to 1945.

The volume concludes with a listing of the many patriotic folders and postcards issued by the Czechoslovaks. The volume is very well illustrated with several pages in colour and is fully referenced.

Publisher: ……..Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (CPSGB).
Published: ……..2002
Format: …………A4 softback. (CPSGB Monograph No 15)
Language: ……..English
Price:…………….£12.50 + post and packing
Availability:……. In print

For order enquiries please contact the CPSGB Publications Officer,
Rex A Dixon,  on:

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