Tmavomodrý svět – Dark Blue World



Tmavomodrý svět:

Dark Blue World




The film tells the story of Czech pilot Franta Slama and his young protégé Karel Vojtisek who escape Czechoslovakia to join the RAF and fight the Nazis. Initially frustrated at not being able to fly against the enemy until they can speak English and their RAF re-training is complete, a strong father/son bond develops between them. The film is described as being about love, comradeship and sacrifice with the nostalgic sentiment of classic Hollywood movies, and entwined into the story is the mutual love of Franta and Karel for a married English woman, which tests their strong friendship. After the war  having flown for the RAF, Franta is imprisoned in a totalitarian Communist labour-camp for ‘betraying’ his country.

Whilst fictional, this powerful story captures emotively the reality of life and death for the Czech airmen in the RAF, and the dark days which followed the return to Czechoslovakia for those who had fought in the West.

Film now at this article here

Starring: Ondřej Vetchý, Tara Fitzgerald, Oldřich Kaiser, Charles Dance, Kryštof Hádek
Director: Jan Svěrák
Screenplay: Zdeněk Svěrák
Released: 2001
Running Time: 115 minutes
Format: DVD
Language: Czech, English, Slovak and German with sub-titles


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1 Response to Tmavomodrý svět – Dark Blue World

  1. Richard says:

    Moving film and well worth watching.

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