Nebeští jezdci: Riders in the Sky

Nebeští jezdci: Riders in the Sky





Riders in the Sky tells the story of a Wellington Bomber in World War 2, crewed by a Canadian, 2 Englishmen and 3 Czechoslovaks united in their fight against Nazi fascism.

The film portrays vividly the reality of life on an RAF Station and the fear, loneliness and tragedy of nightly bombing missions over Germany, but at the same time conveys the happier times for the crew members and the friendship and love offered to these allies so far from home.

Starring: Jiří Bednář, Jiří Hrzán, Svatopluk Matyáš, Elsie Randolph, Joan Seton, Charles Cameron, Jana Nováková, Winston Chrislock, Vojtěch Holý, Josef Váša
Director: Jindřich Polák
Screenplay: Filip Jánský
Released: 1968
Running Time: 92 minutes
Format: DVD
Language: Czech, English and German with sub-titles

The film may only be readily available in the Czech Republic


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