Jozef KANA/Josef KANIA

Looking for any information about Jozef (Josef) KAŇA (KANIA). Born 26 September 1914 in Krupina, Slovakia, at the time it was the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He married Bozena Kocman in 1940 at Lyon, France. In 1941 they had a son Jean-Claude or Jan.

W/O Jozef Kana, 794 087, served as a pilot in the RAF during WW2 in 303 Sqn. Polish Air Force.

Hľadáme akékoľvek informácie týkajúce sa W/O Jozefa KAŇU (Jozef KANIA). Narodil sa 26. Septembra 1914 v Krupine, na Slovensku. V roku 1940 sa oženil s Boženou Kocmanovou v Lyone vo Francúzsku. V roku 1941 sa im narodil syn Jean – Claude, Ján.

W/O Jozef KAŇA (794 087) bol počas druhej svetovej vojny pilotom 303 (poľskej) perute RAF vo Veľkej Británii.

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3 Responses to Jozef KANA/Josef KANIA

  1. Bob says:

    Josef Kana was married to my Aunt – Madge Nyria Payne, they married in Wells Somerset in 1949. Madge was the english partner mentioned above, she returned to the UK in the late 60s. Madge met Joseph in the RAF I think her service number was 422237
    I believe Josef was an escaped POW but the family history is sketchy

  2. Miroslav Paseka says:

    I met Joseph Kana in Naivasha, a small town 40 miles north of Nairobi in Kenya.
    I visited him with Janko Lazar (RAF 311 Squadron Pilot), the year was about 1965, Janko and myself were working for Bata Kenya. Joseph had a little house and small plot of land, about 1 mile from Lake Naivasha, where he lived with his English partner (I am not sure if they were married, they later separated and she returned to England).

    Later Joseph had a job with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation in Somalia, there apparently he lived with a Somali woman. This is the last I heard about him in the late 1960s.

    NB. Joseph was an amateur artist and gave me two watercolour paintings of African flowers. I still have these two signed paintings hanging on my wall reminding me of my time in Kenya.

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