Name Rank Unit Unit Role
CELBA Josef LAC 312 Parachute packer
CHABÁK [ČABÁK] Jozef Ján F/Sgt 311 Pilot
CHÁBERA František F/Lt 312 Pilot
CHALOUPKA Čeněk Sgt 312 Pilot
CHALOUPSKÝ Alois AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHALUPA † Jan Sgt 310 Pilot
CHALUPA Oldřich Cpl 312 Fitter II E
CHAMUTY Josef AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHARVÁT Alfred Sgt 310 Fitter II A
CHEJSTOVSKÝ Jaroslav AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHLAPÍK Pavel Cpl 310 Electrician I
CHLUP † Jaroslav W/O 310 Pilot
CHLUSTA Ludvík AC2 310 Ground staff
CHMEL František Sgt 312 Fitter II A
CHMELAŘ Václav Pavel LAC 311 Wireless Operator
CHMELÍK Jaroslav Sgt 310 Pilot
CHMURA František F/Lt 310 Pilot
CHOCENSKÝ Viktor Václav F/Sgt 312 Pilot
CHOCHOLÍN † Vladislav F/Lt 310 Pilot
CHOVANEC Arnošt Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
CHOVANEC František F/Sgt 311 Air Gunner
CHOVANEC Josef F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
CHRÁST Vlastimil W/Cdr HQ London Armourer Officer
CHROUST Jaroslav AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHURÁŇ Miroslav AC1 310 ACH/G.D.
CHWISTEK František AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHYTIL Karel AC2 Depot Ground staff
CHYTRÝ Josef W/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
CIBULKA Jaroslav Cpl 311 Electrician
CIBULKA † Josef P/O 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
CIESAR Martin LAC 311 Flight Mechanic A
CÍGLER † Miroslav F/Lt 311 Navigator
CIGOŠ František F/Lt 311 Pilot
CUKR [Cooper], DFC Václav F/Lt 310 Pilot
CUPÁK Vladimír F/Lt 311 HQ London
ČUREJ Jiří Cpl 310 Electrician II
CZERNÝ [Černý] Mečislav AC2 Depot Ground staff

Page last updated 28 November 2020.

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