Czech Prime Minister remembers the Czechoslovak Battle of Britain pilots

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, whilst on an official visit to London, Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic visited the London Battle of Britain memorial on the Embankment, to lay a wreath and pay his respects to the 88 Czechoslovak pilots who flew in the Battle of Britain on 1940.

Col Jiří Niedoba, Czech Embassy Defence Attaché showing the 310 and 312 Czechoslovak Squadron badges.

Inspecting the 88 Czechoslovak pilots names that are inscribed on the memorial.

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4 Responses to Czech Prime Minister remembers the Czechoslovak Battle of Britain pilots

  1. Jan Šinágl says:

    He is the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. How many premiers have shown this honor to the RAF pilots? Constant negation only reinforces evil. The Czech Republic is a post-communist country. Wanting an ideal solution is naive.

    • Adam says:

      I’m not sure, if the fact Czech Republic is post – Communist country is excuse for Commies been back in power there…
      “Ideal solution” with them? ….

  2. Petr Doktor says:

    The former member of communist party who persecuted the czech’s RAF personels returned home is paying respect??? Maybe some of the pilots were communist party memeber as well.

    • Dr Paul Millar says:

      Pane, Vase anglictina je, s prominutim, zavadejici. Smysl Vasi poznamky tak, jak je napsana je, ze to byl pan Babis (=who), kdo persekvoval prislusniky RAF, zatimco to byla ta jejich komunisticka partaj (=which). Jinak, nevim o zadnem byvalem prislusnikovi RAF, kdo by byl clenem zparchantele partaje v komunistickem Ceskoslovensku. Navic, vsichni prislusnici RAF nebyli piloty, Mnoho jich slouzilo v jinych kapacitach, ku prikladu v 68 a v 311. perutich a jinych, By,li mezi nimi strelci, spojari (jako trebas muj otec), navigatori, mechanici a jiny pozemni personal,atd atd. Zasluha techto nebyla o nic mene podstatna nez zasluha pilotu. Dr Paul Millar

      [Moderators translation : Sir, excuse me, but your english is misleading. The implication of your comment as it was written, is that Mr. Babis was the person who persecuted ex-RAF members, in fact it was the Communist party.

      Other than that I personally don’t know any Czechoslovak ex-RAF who became a member of that bastard party in Communist Czechoslovakia.

      On the top of that not all of the Czechoslovak RAF personnel served as pilots. Many of them had different duties and served with No. 68 or No. 311 squadron, for instance gunners, wireless operators – as my father was, navigators, technicians, ground crew and so on) and their credit was equal to the pilots. Dr Paul Millar]

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