Zbysek NECAS

Zbyšek NEČAS

* 06/03/21, Lazy, Karviná, Czechoslovakia.
† 15/03/18, UK.


With sadness we must advise that

P/O Zbyšek NEČAS 788665 (191259)

68 Sqn navigator


15 March 2018,


15. 3. 2018. v UK.


P/O Zbyšek NEČAS 788665 (191259)

68.perutě navigátor


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce

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3 Responses to Zbysek NECAS

  1. Fly Like You Mean It says:

    His book was the very first aviation book I have ever read. Later, I was given his e-mail address and exchanged a few e-mails with him. He was very kind and humble about his life and career. He had a tremendous impact on me during my childhood. I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2010, when I was already serving in the Czech Air Force, and to tell him that I served because of him and guys just like him. He was so happy to see me in that uniform!

    RIP Sir. You will not be forgotten.

  2. Aviationtrails says:

    Sad news indeed

  3. Zdenek Samek says:

    This is very sad news. I had luck to meet Zbyšek personaly in Hradec Kralové, had great chat with him and have signed his book. R.I.P. dear Zbyšek.

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