Miroslav Liskutin


* 23/08/19, Jiříkovice, Brno, Czechoslovakia.
† 19/02/18, Fareham, UK.


With sadness we must advise that

F/O Miroslav LIŠKUTÍN 787424 (158235)

312 Sqn pilot


19 February 2018,


19. 2. 2018. v Fareham.


F/O Miroslav LIŠKUTÍN 787424 (158235)

312.perutě pilot


Rest in Peace

Čest jeho památce

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7 Responses to Miroslav Liskutin

  1. Mike Austin says:

    I was fortunate to be one of his first students at the College of Air Training, Hamble, England when he retired from the RAF. I will be joining many other former cadets and instructors of the college, which trained pilots for BOAC/BEA/British Airways, at his funeral next week. A truly great man who gave us so much of his skill and patience.

  2. Petr Doktor says:

    I salute in the celebration of the Miros life. He was My hero and hero of his family as well as to all who were loyal of the few who fought for our freedom. He was’n hero for the communist who persecuted him and his family to force him back into the exile. We will never forget…

  3. Jan Pašek says:

    Vždy když dojde k takovéto události, vzpomenu si, že se říká, že každý je nahraditelný. U těchto chlapců to v žádném případě neplatí!! Přeji klidný let Pane generále!
    Jan Pašek

    [translation: Always, when such an event occurs, I remember (that) it is said, that everyone is substitutable. But it is not the case for these boys !! I wish you a quiet flight, General. Jan Pašek 0

  4. Martin Maťha says:

    Very bad news. A read his book “Bouřlivá oblaka”, which was great. I wish him a good last flight.

  5. Vera Darlington nee Kuttelwascher and Mari Rowe nee Kuttelwascher says:

    Another Czech air hero has slipped his mortal coil. Our thoughts go out to his family. We are the daughters of Karel Kuttelwascher, DFC and Bar.

  6. Paul Kopecek says:

    Very sad to hear this news. I will miss him. He was justly so proud of what he had achieved in his life.

    The last direct contact I had with someone who was a colleague and friend of my father.

  7. Zdenek Samek says:

    It is very sad news. I was expecting that Miroslav celebrate 100. year aniversary in 2019. R.I.P. dear Miroslav.

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