Spitfire AR501 restoration latest

Spitfire AR501 is the only potentially airworthy Spitfire in Europe which has a genuine Czechoslovak RAF pedigree. For the past few years she has been undergoing a major restoration program at the Shuttleworth Collection but before too long should be flying again.

As can be seen from these recent photo’s, the restoration is nearing completion :

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3 Responses to Spitfire AR501 restoration latest

  1. David Topham says:

    I had the privilege of working on AR501 when I was a student at Loughborough College – 1955-59. We knew nothing of history of the aircraft we had there, and it is thrilling to learn of its distinguished past, and that it is to fly again. Congratulations on a wonderful restoration project.

  2. Aviationtrails says:

    A great project!

  3. Kejka Collins says:

    Would love to see it fly…in person.

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