Rakovnik rememembers its RAF airmen

On 11 November 2015, a memorial plaque was unveiled in Husovo náměstí, Rakovník to remember the fifteen men, from its district, who had served in the RAF during WW2.

The well attended ceremony was conducted by Jiří Svoboda, president of Klubu vojenské history and included a military re-enactment group who displayed military uniforms dating from WW1 to present day Afghanistan conflict.

Name Unit Role Killed in Action
BARTFELD [Bradáč] Maximilian Ground staff
DONDA Zdeněk 312 Sqn Pilot 31. 12. 44.
EICHELMAN Zdeněk CIB Toulouse Pilot 29. 4. 40.
FALBR Richard 312 Sqn /span> Armourer
FUCHS Pavel 111 OTU Wireless Operator /
Air Gunner
23. 11. 43.
HÄRTEL Frantisek 311 Sqn Equipment Officer
HIRSCHMANN Arnold 311 Sqn Flight Mechanic E
JANDERKA Jan Depot Pilot trainee
KREJZA Frantisek 312 Sqn ACH/G.D.
PARTYK Jaroslav 311 Sqn Navigator 20. 7. 41.
POŠTA Josef 311 Sqn Fitter II E
SCHNEIDER Bedřich RAF Driffeld Interpreter, Adjutant
SLÍPKA Hugo J. 311 Sqn Education Officer
ŠIMANDL Josef 111 OTU Navigator trainee 23. 11. 43.
ZELENKA Josef 311 Sqn Wireless Mechanic

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  1. Jan Šinágl says:

    Prezident Zeman vyznamenal ředitele komunistického koncentráku Ludvíka Karla

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