Jiri Reznicek – 100th Anniversary Remembrance

At 09:00 on 25 October 2015, a days program to comemorate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Jiří Řezníček, 313 Sqn pilot, will be held at Jasenná.

The days program:

Time: Event :
09:00: Worship at the Českobratrská Evangelical church in memory of Jiří Řezníček
14:00: Wreath laying ceremony at his grave.
14:30: `Procession to the Jasenná primary school.
14:45: Wreath laying ceremony at his Memorial Plaque at the school.
15:00: Official opening of the Jiří Řezníček = Batovec na třech frontách 2. světové války exhibition at the school. The exhibition documents the life of Jiří Řezníček and also about 310, 312, and 313 (Czechoslovak) Squadron, commemorated with speeches and followed by a musical program from CM Ocun.

Attending the event will be Col. Alois Dubec, the only surviving member of the RAF from the Zlín region, members from Gen. Otmar Kučea branch of the Svazu letců ČR [Airmens Association of the Czech Republic] from Brno, members of the Moravia Military History club from Zlín, members, in uniform, from the 19th Hraničářská Regiment Military History club and other guests.

An invitation Mayor Roman Boháč on behalf of the Jasenná Municipal Council.

The exhibition will be open daily 10:00 to 17:00 between 25 October to 28 October.

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