Unveiled – Winged Lion Memorial, Prague.

More details to follow shortly.

Media reports here and here


The Winged Lion Project Committee would also like to thank for the following sponsors for their support for this memorial:

Adrian Wheeler, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Smith, BAE Systems, Ben Petter & Irena Guzáková, Best Communications, Bogle Architects, British Chamber of Commerce, BRUSH SEM, Chapman Taylor, Chris Rangé, Christopher Smith, Colliers International, Crown Worldwide Group, DHL Express, Discovery Group, EnerCap Capital Partners, Europa Capital Partners, Flow East, fcafa.wordpress.com, Gerry De’Athe, Glen Emery, Guy Pinsent, Harry Bunbury, HSBC, Ian Worboys, IOMCSL Trustees, Jan Telenský, Jan Valdinger, Jan Vondraš, Jane Townsend, Allen & Overy, JLL, John Brandon, John Locke, Jonathan Hallett, JR & Blanka Smith, Kbely Airport, Knight Frank, Levey & Jung, LOM Praha, Lukáš & Katerina Ševčík, Marek Šebesťák, Martin Skalický, Matthew Stillman, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Dunlop, Nicholas Watson, Norton Rose, Palmer Capital, Petr Karel, London Market, Portland Trust, Richard Hogg, Richard Valtr, Richard Wood, Richard York, Robert Břešťan, Robert Mulcahy, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sanjiv Suri, Scott Baker, Sebastian Pawlowski, Seddons, Stevan Tennant, Steve Davis, Sue Ryder, TESCO, The British Embassy of Prague, The Charnwood Company, The Hašek Family, Tom Dolezal, Ungelt Services, Vladimír Dlouhý, Wilson & Partners, Woodcote.


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7 Responses to Unveiled – Winged Lion Memorial, Prague.

  1. Chris says:

    Well done all and as a British subject I salute all Czechoslovaks who served, fought and sacrificed all which was dear to them on behalf your and my freedom which we enjoy today. Thank you!

  2. Jan Šinágl says:

    After 69 years, finally unveiled in Prague monument to our RAF airmen – thanks to the British!

    Best regards JS

    Dne 18.6.2014 7:33, Free Czechoslovak Air Force napsal(a): > WordPress.com > fcafa posted: ” More details to follow shortly. ” >

  3. Jiří Wicherek says:

    Pane Šinágle, pro upřesnění, Brity po 69 letech, Památník padlých československých letců v letech 1939-1945 se nachází v Praze – Dejvicích. Byl odhalen 12. května 1995. Centrální skulptura symbolizuje zlomená Křídla. Na mramorových deskách po stranách si návštěvník může přečíst jména všech 546 československých letců, kteří zahynuli v bojích druhé světové války.

    [Moderators Historical note: There is currently a misconception that the airmen’s memorial at Dejvice represents the same as the new Winged Lion Monument at Klarov. This is quite incorrect:

    The Dejvice airmens memorial remembers the Czechoslovak airmen who were killed during WW2. While 546 are listed on this memorial, the actual number who were killed was 553 and they had served in 6 different Air Forces during WW2.

    The Winged Lion Monument remembers all the some 2,500 Czechoslovak airmen and women who served in the RAF during WW2.]

    • Dagmar Johnson-Šišková says:

      Thank you moderator for the clarification re what we have got in terms of CzRAF memorials. We have no need to twist the facts and our thanks should go to all those whose thought of it & made it happen as I already said in my earlier post. Let’s make sure we put our efforts behind the move to keep the Winged Lion where it was unveiled. It is a wholly appropriate place, frequented by many, locals & visitors alike. All those 2500 deserve nothing less.

  4. Eva Tichy says:

    A very fitting tribute to these brave Czechoslovak young men and women in the RAF.

    The messages on those placards are very moving!

  5. pickledwings says:

    That’s beautiful! I look forward to getting a closer look at it when I visit Prague this weekend.

  6. Jan Šinágl says:

    Po 69 letech konečně odhalen v Praze pomník našim letcům RAF – Brity!

    zdravim JS

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