Free Czechoslovak Forces in France, 1939–1940, a Historical and Philatelic Study

Free Czechoslovak Forces in France


a Historical and Philatelic Study


Richard Beith..,

In this 72 page monograph, Richard has separated out the ‘historical’ and the ‘philatelic’ information. The first five short chapters cover ‘The problems of Czechoslovakia in the 1930s’, ‘Escape routes to France’, ‘Building the Exile Army’, ‘Czechoslovaks with the French Air Force’ and ‘The short ground campaign of June 1940’. There follow two chapters on ‘Postal arrangements for the Exile Army’ and ‘Postal arrangements for Czechoslovak airmen in France’.

Five appendices cover ‘Military postcards and lettercards’, ‘Military handstamps and cachets’, ‘July 1940 onwards: the soldiers left in France’, ‘Philatelic and patriotic souvenirs from Agde’ and ’50th anniversary celebrations at Agde in 1989′.

Full academic footnotes are given throughout and there is a comprehensive bibliography. The volume is fully illustrated with many pages in colour. Colour illustrations include envelopes or cards addressed to Václav Bozděch (of Antis fame), to Karel Rybníček whilst still a soldier, and to the airmen’s group (letecká skupina) at Agde.

Publisher: Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (CPSGB)
Format: A4 softback. (CPSGB Monograph No 26)
Language: English
Published: April 2013
Price: £18.00 + post and packing
Availability: In print

For order enquiries please contact the CPSGB Publications Officer,
Rex A Dixon,  on:

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