Emil Turkl – remembered

On Friday 24 August 2012 a Ceremony was held in Děčín, Czech Republic, to unveil a Memorial plaque at the birthplace of Sgt Emil Türkl. Attending the Ceremony was plk. Pavel Vranský [Wechsberg] who served as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 311 Sqn and now one of the few living veterans of that squadron.

Sgt Emil Türkl was born in Děčín on 24 August 1922.

On the night of 13 October 1942, as a wireless operator/ air gunner with 27 OTU, he was killed in a night training flight accident, in a Wellington Mk 1C bomber, KX-V Z8854, near Church Broughton airfield, Derby. He was 20 years old. All six of the aircraft’s crew were killed in the accident.

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Amongst those attending the Ceremony were representatives of Czech RAF and Army veteran Associations who laid commemorative wreaths.

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6 Responses to Emil Turkl – remembered

  1. Marianne Manas says:

    I am Marianne Manas. I hope you remember me, you used to call me Marenka. My deceased husband Frank, and your mother were cousins. I am sure you remember my children Frank and Karen. I have pictures of your family when you and your sister were small. If you are interested, I can mail them to you after I make myself copies. They are from the early 1970’s. I wonder also where your mother is at now. I suppose she is living in Arkansas. Hope to hear from you.

    Sincerely, Marianne

  2. Jirinka (Pohlodek) Trudeau says:

    I am still wanting any Information on my father Frantisek Pohlodek

  3. Joe, Czech Spitfire Club says:

    Dear madam,
    I have sent this question to plk. Pavel Vranský and his response can be translated as follows:
    “Unfortunately I have never met František Pohlodka. When I came to 311 sq. he had already finished his operation tours. I just heard that he worked on headquarters in London.”
    Best regards.

  4. Jirinka Pohlodek says:

    I just came across this website and read that “Pavel Vranský [Wechsberg] who served as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 311 Sqn and now one of the few living veterans of that squadron.” I know that many years have passed but I am hoping that possibly Pavel if he is still living may give me some information about my father Frantisek Josef Pohlodek who also served in Sqn 311. Frantisek Pohlodek passed away when I was 10 year old and even though I have several fond memories of him I have been searching for any information I can get and my days are numbered with the surviving members of Sqn 311. Many thanks.

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