Airmen in Exile


Airmen in Exile  – Alan Brown

The Allied Air Forces
in the Second World War



Airmen in Exile is the story of the courageous and often undervalued airmen from the occupied countries who flew with, or as part of, the RAF in the Second World War.  Whilst the book includes the Free French, Norwegians, Belgians and Dutch, a significant part of the content is devoted to the Czechoslovaks and the Poles.

The book describes the web of larger political argument, pre-war allegiances and postwar alignments in which the airmen were caught up.  It looks closely at the organisation and deployment of these units together with the myriad controversies and obstacles generated by their arrival, and examines the circumstances surrounding their repatriation at the end of the war.

Publisher: Sutton Publishing Ltd.
Published: 2000
ISBN:  0-7509-2012-2
Language: English

The book is an extension of the author’s earlier work ‘The Czechoslovak Air Force in Britain 1940-1945’ which was submitted to the University of Southampton for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1997.  The thesis  is concerned with the Czechoslovak Air Force which served in Britain under Allied High Command during the Second World War, with the primary focus being the four Czechoslovak Squadrons.  The study concentrates on official documents rather than personal testimony, and discusses the role played by the allied forces within the dimensions of the aura of distrust, the public acceptance and the political friction. The study was inspired by Czech historians at Palacky University in the Moravian city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic who had previously been denied access to the resources and liberty to research this subject from the British point of view based on British military and historical documents.

This work can be found here

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