Name Rank Unit Unit Role
Accountant Officer
WÁGNER Jan S/Ldr Area HQ Engineering Officer
WAIDLICH Viktor AC2 311 Ground staff
WALAFSKÝ Egon AC2 Depot Ground staff
WALEK Josef AC2 Depot Ground staff
WASSERMANN Isidor LAC 310 Armourer
WEBER František W/Cdr 310 Pilot
WEBER [Vojnar] Miroslav AC2 Depot Navigator trainee
WECHSBERG [Vranský] Pavel F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
WEILL Pavel AC2 311 Wireless Mechanic trainee
WEILL Ruben František LAC Depot Cook, Interpreter
WEINGARTEN Jindřich LAC 311 Electrician II
WEINSTEIN Leo LAC 311 Flight Mechanic, Fitter II E
WEISL Otto LAC 310 Fitter II A
WEISS Alexander Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
WEISS † Karel W/O 311 Pilot
WEISS Vlastimil LAC 312 Armourer
WEISS [Vít] Hanuš [Jindřich] Cpl 310 Wireless Mechanic
WEISSKOPF [Walton] František F/O Equipment Officer
WEISZ Desider F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
WELS Tomáš Albert LAC Depot Maintenance Assistant, Interpreter,
WICHTA Eduard F/O 311 Navigator
WIENER Jan AC2 311 Wireless Operator trainee
WINTER Hugo AC2 310 Ground staff
WINTER Josef Cpl 310 Equipment Assistant
WODÁKOVÁ Mariane LACW WAAF 311 Sqn Meterological Assistant
WOLAK Richard Viktor Cpl 311 Armourer
WOLF Arnošt Josef LAC 310 Photographer
WOLF Otto AC1 311 Ground staff
WURM Jan Cpl Depot Clerk

Page last updated 28 November 2020.

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