Name Rank Unit Unit Role
UHER František AC2 Depot Ground staff
UHER † Ladislav Sgt 257 Pilot
UHLÍŘ Jaroslav Sgt 310 Fitter, Armourer
UHLÍŘOVÁ Věra Marie Sgt Air Ministry Clerk, General Duties
URBAN † Emerich Hannes Edgar F/O 311 Air Gunner
URBAN Jindřich AC2 Depot Ground staff
URBÁNEK Oldřich F/Sgt 311 Fitter I E
URSTA Juraj AC2 311 Ground staff
URUBA Petr W/O 311 Pilot
UVÍZL † Alois Fantišek F/Lt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner

Page last updated 26 February 2022.

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