Name Rank Unit Unit Role
LACINA Stanley AC2 Depot Air Gunner trainee
LACKO Tomáš AC2 311 Ground staff
LAICHTR Josef Karel W/O 311 Navigator
LAMAČ Karel P/O Depot Administration and Special Duties
LANČÍK [Lanczik] † Jaroslav Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
LANCZIK Karel F/Lt 311 Navigator, Pilot
LANDA † Bohumil P/O 311 Pilot
LANDSFELD Jaroslav Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
LANDSMAN † Jindřich W/O 310 Pilot
LANG † Karel Sgt 311 Pilot
LANGER Oldřich W/O 311 Air Gunner
LANGHAMER Jan Cpl 312 Flight Mechanic A
LANGHAMMER Karel Sgt 311 Fitter – Flight Engineer
LANŽ † Rudolf LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
LAŠKA † Jan F/Lt 313 Pilot
LAŠTOVIČKA Miroslav Pilot
LAUBE Arnošt AC2 311 Ground staff
LAUFER Petr LAC 312 Electrician I
LAUNER Bedřich LAC 311 Flight Mechanic A
LAUNER † Zdeněk F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
LAZAR Jan Rudolf P/O 311 Pilot
LEBOVIČ Ladislav LAC 310 Maintenance Assistant
LEBOVIČ Mojžíš Max LAC 310 Flight Mechanic E
LEBOVIČ [Peters] Bernard F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
LECHNER [Lamberton] Karel P/O 312 Pilot
LEDERER [Leden] Bohumír LAC 311 Flight Mechanic A
LEGNAZY Karel AC2 Depot Ground staff
LEITENSDORFER Václav F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
LENC † Jan F/Sgt 311 Pilot
LENERT Jaroslav AC2 311 Ground staff
LENHOFF Hanuš Ervin F/Sgt 311 Navigator
LESKAUER † Jindřich P/O 311 Wireless Operator
LEŠTINA Václav Cpl 311 Fitter II E
LETŇANSKÝ Karel Cpl 311 Fitter I
LIBENSKÝ Jindřich F/Sgt 311 Instrument Repair I
LIBICH Jaroslav F/Sgt 311 Fitter I
LICHTIG Kurt Cpl 312 Wireless Mechanic
LICHTNER Zdeněk Cpl 310 Armourer
LICHÝ Jan LAC 311 Flight Mechanic E
LIEBERMANN Arnold LAC 267 Cook
LIEBOLD † Jindřich AC2 311 Interpreter
LIFČIC [Lifcziz] † Rudolf Sgt 311 Air Gunner
LINHART † Leo F/O 311 Pilot
LINKA Oldřich F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
LINKA † Stanislav Sgt 311 Pilot
LÍPA Štefan LAC 310 Flight Mechanic A
LIPA [Lexa] Zdeněk F/Sgt 311 Pilot
LÍPA [Stránský] Jan Mirko LAC Depot Clerk
LISCHKE Erwin Josef F/Lt General Duties
LIŠKA Antonín S/Ldr 312 Pilot
LIŠKA Bohumil W/Cdr 311 Pilot
LIŠKA Jaroslav F/Lt 311 Wireless Operator
LIŠKA Václav W/Cdr HQ London Pilot, General Duties
LIŠKA Vratislav F/Sgt 312 Pilot, Wireless Operator
LIŠKUTÍN, DFC, AFC Miroslav F/O 312 Pilot
LJACHOVIČ Michal F/O 312 Signal Officer
LÖBL Robert AC2 311 Wireless Operator
LÖBL Vilém AC2 Depot Wireless Operator trainee
LÖBL [Lukáš] Leopold LAC 311 Maintenance Assistant
LOJKA † Oskar Sgt 311 Pilot
LOM [Leichter] Imrich F/Sgt 311 Wireless Mechanic/Air Gunner
LOPUCH Andrej F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
LÖRING [Lamač] František Cpl 312 ACH/G.D.
LOSKA Josef F/Sgt 312 Wireless Mechanic
LOSKOT Josef AC2 Depot Photographer
LOUCKÝ František F/Sgt 312 Pilot
LOUDA † Jaroslav F/Sgt 312 Fitter II
LOVĚTÍNSKÝ Jaroslav Sgt 311 Pilot
LÖWENSTEIN Tomáš Sgt 311 Wireless Mechanic, Wireless Operator
LÖWOVÁ Thea Leonora WAAF
LÖWY František AC1 311 Equipment Assistant
LÖWY Jakob AC1 311 Electrician II
LÖWY Otto LAC 312 Equipment Assistant
LUDIKAR Marcel F/O 311 Wireless Operator
LUKAN Augustin Cpl 310 Flight Mechanic E
LUKAS William AC2 31 PD Ground staff
LUKÁŠ Vojtěch F/Sgt 311 Wireless Operator
LUKAVEC Václav LAC 310 Fitter/Armourer
LUKŠ Jaroslav LAC 311 Fitter II E
LYSICKÝ † Vojtěch P/O 310 Pilot

Page last updated 28 November 2020.

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  1. Hannah Lowy says:

    Does anyone remember my father Jakob Löwy from Squadron 311? He was an electrician but I think he used to fly with the Lancaster bombers to help out as a rear gunner whenever he could. I would love to hear if anyone knew him. Sadly Pavel Vancata’s book on 311 Squadron is no longer available unless someone has a spare copy?

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